Red Pill Vs Blue Pill

I have a question for you. Which one do you take? Do you take the red pill? Understand, and when you take that red pill, you have to confront some really uncomfortable things in your life that may make you feel temporarily uncomfortable.

You may have to face things about yourself that you didn't wanna face. It may feel like a bit like you're in a roller coaster, that you're going up and down, then you go on a Ferris wheel and you don't know which end is up. Your world's shaken up a little bit, but you see the world for what it is, your problems for what they are, your identity for what it is, realizing that you do indeed have the power to change it, with some help.

Or do you take the blue pill and stay trapped in your life saying, "Well, you know, I guess things will get better by themselves. I'm not feeling that bad. I don't really have the kind of life that I want but you know what? I just don't wanna face those issues in my life. Maybe they'll get better by themselves. Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll just change by themselves. I know I don't have the life that I want, but sometimes change is scary. So if I keep lying to myself and taking the blue pill, I'll be comfortable but lost"?

So which one do you go for? Do you go for the red pill, which is the truth, which is honesty, which is confronting some demons and darkness and shadows, being uncomfortable for a while, but essentially being free and having self-mastery in your life? Or do you stay deluded and stuck like most people? A sheeple, keep taking that blue pill, realizing nothing will get any better? What do you choose? Do you have the courage to take that red pill, to go down the rabbit hole to see where it leads you and how much you can be in your life, what you could do in your life, how successful you can be on every area? Or do you keep taking mouthfuls of blue pills, staying more and more stuck, living a life of quiet despair, hoping, wishing, praying things will get better, but never actually doing anything about it?

The choice is yours. Red pill? Blue pill?

Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard CHT
Clinical Hypnotist

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