Saliva Trick To Beat Anxiety How To Cure Social Anxiety Top Video

Saliva Trick To Beat Anxiety How To Cure Social Anxiety Top Video

Good evening, and we are live from Toronto, Ontario Canada here on a Tuesday evening. It's approximately 7:15 p.m. How are you doing? Tonight's Facebook live is how to switch off the fight, flight, freeze, fawn response in less than five seconds. I'm going to teach that to you a little bit later on today, and a quick programming note tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. on this very channel, I'm taking you to Disneyland.

For the next five weeks, I'm going to be taking you to a different destination somewhere in the world, a virtual vacation, if you will. Because if you're like me and probably most of the world in fact right now, you're under lockdown. Perhaps you had to cancel various vacations you might have been around the world and where I can't take you unfortunately to every specific vacation you may have had to cancel while under lockdown, there are a few places I could take you.

Tomorrow for our virtual hypnosis session at 7 p.m. on this very channel, I'm going to take you to Disneyland. So if you'd like to go to Disneyland, experience Disneyland virtually in the safety and comfort of your own home or wherever you'll be watching join us at 7 p.m. Eastern tomorrow on this very channel where I'm going to take you to Disneyland.

And then every Wednesday for the next five Wednesdays, including tomorrow, I'm going to take you to different destinations somewhere in the world to experience a virtual vacation, especially if you can't get out of the house or onto an airplane right now and travel. But before I teach you the technique within five seconds, we'll switch off the fight, flight, freeze, or fawn response,

I should probably tell you who I am. If you've just joined us give me a thumbs up, give me a wave, let me know you're there, or just say hi or give me some love or like that little love heart that we've got in the options down there.

So I'm Luke Micheal Howard. I'm a clinical hypnotist I've been doing this and helping people for about 20 years now. I help people solve things they believe are unsolvable. I help people fix things they believe are unfixable. I've helped governments, and I've helped celebrities, but I've also helped people like you, the people that have fallen through the gaps and have almost lost all hope. I have a particular set of skills, skills that make me a nightmare for your problems.

Why should you listen to me? Well, I've probably helped well over 5,000 people one on one over the last 20-plus years overcome anxiety and dial it down, if not switch off those symptoms completely. I'm also about 16,000 words into my first official book, which will be...I'm not sure what the title is. I've got about a shortlist down to about 30 different titles, which will be how to overcome anxiety. All the fluff, all the bullshit taken out of it, practical usable techniques that you can use to help alleviate the symptomw of anxiety.

Also I suffered from great anxiety, social anxiety, OCD not to...but to mention just a few forms of anxiety that I suffered for about 10 years from about the age of 10 to 20. And I was able to overcome that in myself. Be in your...Crystal would like to be in my video. Okay, Crystal. I just got a little notification. I'm not sure how I can do that, but I'll check if there is a way to get you on my video somehow. If you just joined us give me a thumb, give me a wave, or just say hi in the comments below or give me one of those hearts.

So as I said about 16,000 words into my book on anxiety, I overcame it, and I've helped about 5,000 people overcome it. And it's pretty much the number one reason people come to see me as a hypnotist or a change-worker.

I help people overcome it without years and years and years of trauma inducing, not to mention incredibly costly therapy, and without having to take years and years and years of medication that just dopes you up and doesn't allow you to experience love and freedom, and all those other wonderful feelings that you probably want to feel in your life, that's what my specialty is.

If you have any questions about me and what I do, and it's the first time we're meeting, hey, how are you doing? My name is Luke, say hi below. Ask me any questions you want here tonight in the comments below and I will endeavor to answer them all. So quick technique. This is a very quick yet incredibly powerful technique. Do not delude yourself to thinking this is so quick, this is so easy thus this technique must be useless, no, no, no.

Some of the most powerful techniques that I teach are techniques that work within about five seconds to give you some distance from your anxiety, some maneuverability to dial it down, to switch it off, to render it obsolete.

So here is the technique. It's very, very simple. When we're...when the fear response scientifically the fight, flight, fawn response is triggered in our body, our mouth goes dry. Tells your unconscious mind or the amygdala, the autonomic nervous system that you are in danger, your mouth dries up, and hence the body sends adrenaline fight, flight, freeze, more blood to some extremities in your body to help to protect you because it thinks that you're under danger.

And what I mean by danger, I don't mean perceived danger, "What happens if I don't get that interview tomorrow? What happens if that person I'm on a first date don't like me?" I mean real danger, there is a fucking gun to your head, there is a knife to your chest, or there is a car coming right at you and you can't get away. I mean real fear, real in the moment, "Shit I'm going to die" danger.

Okay. If you just joined us give me a thumbs up, or give me a wave, or give one of those hearts, really simple. All you need to do is whenever you're in that response just get a ball of saliva on your tongue. So I'm going to demo...this might be a bit odd for me to speak while I'm doing it. But essentially, you get a bunch of saliva on your tongue, you make your mouth nice and moist and you just hold it there. You just keep your mouth moist. You keep the saliva there. It tells your amygdala, which is about there, the prefrontal cortex of your brain, you are not in any real danger. You are in fact safe.

So then it doesn't send adrenaline again, fight, flight, freeze, or fawn response into your body. It doesn't get that heart beating like a lunatic, doesn't make you perspire like Brock Lesnar before a wrestling match. So do it, actually do it. Next time you have an anxiety-like symptom, check in with your mouth.

As strange as it seems, it's probably fucking dry like a desert, moisten it up. You get a ball of saliva in your mouth, hold it there for a good 60 seconds to a minute or so, and notice your symptoms of anxiety starting to be dialed down less and less and less. Little quick hack but very, very effective so please, use it. Like any of these tools I teach you here on this very channel for free, they're useful.

They're incredible useful, but they mean absolutely jack shit if you don't use them. So actually use it, and it will start to give you some maneuverability and get you away from that problem, experience those unpleasant symptoms of anxiety.

So give it a shot, put your comments below. Let me know how you find them. Shawna [SP] says, "Well, that's one I haven't heard before." Yeah, sometimes it's just really simple ones, and what I do, Shawna, is I look not just to people in hypnosis, but people in other forms where they're helping people, be that chiro [SP] practice, energy medicine, whatever it is, and I find their techniques and I model it, and I use it with my clients.

Because I'm, like, "If this is effective over here, I may use that to give to my clients." So in the moment, not years and years of therapy that is really, really costly dredging up those dead bodies and that dead trauma of the past so you re-experience it over and over again, that's not how I believe in helping people as a change-worker. I believe that most people that come to see me I'm probably the last call that they make after the psychiatrist, after the counselor, after the psychologist, probably after witch doctor as well.

So they've probably spent a hell of a lot of money and a hell of a lot of time, and they've still got their problem. The last thing they need for me to do is re-traumatize them for a long period of time to make their past their present and to make them feel it over and over again three times a week for years in therapy. I think that's a very unethical way to work with people. So I get people in, and we use techniques very, very fast so they can't have that problem anymore.

Krista [SP] asked, "Is it bad that the marks on the couch are giving me anxiety? My OCD ass just wants to clean it. Well, they are not marks on the couch. It's actually how the couch comes, it's actually the design, Krista. Yeah, that's an interesting one.

You probably want to do some work around that if that's triggering you. Any more questions anybody has, I'm going to be here for the next few minutes and get a quick program. You know, tomorrow Wednesday, 7 p.m. Eastern on this very channel, and then for the next five Wednesdays, including tomorrow, at approximately 7 p.m. Eastern, I'm going to be taking you on a vacation, a virtual hypnotic vacation to somewhere in the world.

Tomorrow's destination is going to be Disneyland. Let's come to Disneyland and a whole bunch of people, and join us tomorrow at 7 p.m. Just a quick programming note, you should are going to want to close your eyes tomorrow.

So you're going to want to be in a space where you're not going to be disturbed by your partner, by your friends, by your parents, by your children, by your cats, by your dogs, by your ferrets, by your telephone, by notifications, by social media. You want a good 20 minutes where you can close your eyes, be totally safe, not driving or operating any machinery that you have it to be some you time

And I'm going to guide you for a very safe, an amazingly, rejuvenative process tomorrow on a virtual hypnotic vacation that we're going to go. It's going to help make you feel warm and fluffy and that your mind has gone somewhere rather than your apartment or your house.

So join us tomorrow for 7p.m., we're going to Disneyland tomorrow and every subsequent week, we are going to go somewhere else for the next five weeks, including tomorrow. Unless you've got some questions folks, in the question box, you can write them below right now, and I'll give you about a minute to put some questions in there.

Otherwise, I am going to switch this off, and I'm going to ask you to go over to my other channel, my other group. I'm not sure if you're interested, it's something different actually. It's the three-day fast the three-day water fast. Going to be doing some videos there because I'm actually doing a fast. I'm actually in day two of my water fast. I'm going to be 41 on Friday so [inaudible 00:11:14] less drop in a little bit of additional weight between now and there. Some I'm going to be in a water fast. It's the third or fourth time I've done it.

If you'd like, I'm not going to take up time here because this is probably not why you're watching this. But if you're interested in watching some videos and a live stream, I'm about to do on my three-day water fast, Facebook channel, then just add me as a friend or I'll put the name of the group below and you can watch. It's going to go live straight after this video check-in with my tribe over there, see how they're doing on the water fast. I've just got some couple of questions. I'm going to scroll down.

Excuse my finger on the screen right now. Angel, how are you? If you just joined us, give me a wave, give me a thumbs up, give me a heart. Kristal, I love your hair and tattoos. Thank you so very much. Marleen [SP] is watching, hey, Marleen, how are you? Sarah is watching, hey, Sarah, how are you? Excellent. So folks, unless you got any more questions, join us tomorrow on this very channel same Luke time, same Luke place, same Luke channel, or as close to 7 p.m. as possible Eastern on this channel.

We're going to Disneyland tomorrow. And I'm off to my three-day water fast Facebook group where I'm going to host a little video and talk about that. And I'll put the link or the name below and you might just have to join the group. If you're interested in that video, it's going to go live in about five minutes when I switch over there. Other than that, enjoy the rest of your day, evening, morning, wherever it is, wherever you are on this big, beautiful world of ours. Always believe.

If you want to have a chat with me to see if I can help,  you can schedule something here;
Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Toronto Hypnosis

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