Signs Your Loved One Is An Addict

Its very important video and this video is about being able to recognize, identify if a loved one is suffering from an addiction. Be that alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, narcotics of some kind. What are some telltale signs that your loved one may be suffering from an addiction? Number one, they're withdrawing from themselves, they're withdrawing from the relationship, don't spend as much time with you, the children, less and less time being connected is a telltale sign.

And none of these signs in and of themselves mean that your partner is suffering from addiction. But when you put them all together, it may give you some kind of indication that this is potentially going on. They're acting rather erratically with their emotions up and down, up and down, up and down. They can go off just like that. The money is potentially disappearing from your joint account with no explanation as to why this is…why it's disappearing, where's it going. Potentially, your partner…loved one is coming home later and later and later.

Potentially, there's some physical abnormalities. Perhaps they're losing weight, perhaps they're gaining weight, but rather rapidly. Perhaps other people are reaching out that know them. They're telling you, "I'm worried about, John. I'm worried about Sarah." Perhaps they're physically starting to look differently rather rapidly. Aging. These are some telltale signs potentially that somebody that you're with, a loved one, is suffering from some kind of addiction secretly. That may need you to reach out and give them that hand to help pull them through onto the other side.

But again, not one of these things mean they're addicted. But when you put all of these together, it can give you an indication that potentially what could be going on, and it might be worth having a discussion with them and see if you could potentially help.


Always Believe,

Luke Michael Howard CH

Clinical Hypnotist

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