Street Hypnosis In Toronto 2/2

In your local area certain times of year when you know it's gonna be a happy, rowdy crowd whether that be Thanksgiving if you're in North America, whether that be Christmas, whether that be New Year's, whether it be Halloween. It's a great time to go out there where people are in quite in high spirits and just test your work, test that you can do this shit in the real world when those perfect conditions are not there because I'm gonna tell you what? Those perfect conditions to do hypnosis are never there. It's almost the story of the person who's a great martial artist, has multiple black belts and multiple disciplines. In the dojo, this martial artist kicks ass when everyone bows and everyone's prepared and everyone's got their gear on. Yet, you hear the story that that great martial artist with all the 10th bamds black belt you can imagine for every martial art from the A to tje Z, yet one night that martial artist is walking home, they're not ready, they're not prepared and out of nowhere someone jumps out in front of them with a knife or a glass bottle and says, "Give me your money," and while this martial artist is going through everything that he could do to this assailant in front of him, "Should I kick him or I could give him my hook punch, I could give him a front kick, I could put the kimura arm lock?" as he or she, let's not be sexist, is going through all of this they've been cold cocked, they've been sucker punched, they've been stuck by a knife or a bottle and it's over. It's too late. A real fighter should be able to do it in the dojo but equally on the street if called upon it, and there's no other way out of that situation.

A real hypnotist should be able to do this on the street where there's no warm audience like a great street magician, a great magician, yes. If they're a David Copperfield and they've got a multi-million dollar budget behind them and they can perform fantastic, but if they can equally take it to the streets one on one with no million dollar budget, million dollar special effects like David Blaine that blows people's minds. And for me, street hypnotism is the purest form of what you do, of what you do. And what I notice the biggest fear, the biggest hang-up when it comes in street hypnosis is two things. We say we don't wanna do it, but technically as hypnotists, we do because who doesn't want that superpower? It's just that we're shit scared to do it. And what are we scared of? We're scared of going up to people and getting rejected, number one. Number two, we're scared that what we do won't work, so we look like fears and failures. Those are the two biggest fears.

Here's the thing. I do quite a bit of street hypnosis now in Toronto where I live. I've done it in New York City, I've done it in the great Las Vegas. Not everyone wants to be hypnotized, which is fine. Not everyone's gonna want to be hypnotized, you let them go on. Like, not everyone's gonna wanna buy your services, but those people that are open to do it, and like, "Well yeah, I'd like to experience it." Great. So there's no rejection there. You're essentially going to stun them a gift. You say, "Here's a gift. I don't want any money from it. I just want to give this gift but I have to give you an experience of it." So you're not actually asking for something you go in there and you give something. So you're not losing anything. If anything, the person who does decline your offer they're losing the experience of having a free, lovely, wonderful experience of experiential hypnosis. You're losing nothing, you're giving someone something and you want nothing in return.

And guess what? Not all of your convincers, not all of your hypnotic phenomenon, not all of your skits are gonna go perfect all the time. That's like trying to be a baseball player and wanting to hit home runs with every strike. It doesn't happen. It's like trying to be a boxer and every single fight you have you have a knockout and you have more than one fight. It doesn't happen. This is life, you are not going to be perfect. Let go of the perception of perfect. Remember, you're gonna fuck up a lot and you're gonna fuck up a lot very, very fast, but if you fuck up a lot fast, you get better and better and better, and if you streamline your approach you'll be a better stage hypnotist because you realize you can do it with people cold, that people are paying that actually wanna be there, that knew what they were getting into. It's gonna be a cake walk. So it's therapeutic clients who desperately wanna change their life because you're giving them 30 minutes on the screen and on the phone. Gonna be easy to do that work. And then they get that enjoyment of being entertained at the same time.

There's many, many great street hypnotists out there. There's Arther here in Toronto, the big Russian mafia guy. He's not really in the mafia, he's a lovely guy. There's Mr. P in Eastern Texas. There is Emerge out there in...I'm not exactly sure where Emerge is, I think it might be Detroit might be Detroit. There's lots of great hypnotists there and you can look at some of these guys online. There's some hypnotists out there, street hypnotists that are quite boring as shit. But at least they're out there fucking doing something. Go out there, get off your ass and do something. I mean, when I first started getting into street hypnosis just doing magnetic fingers for me, I was like, "Oh my God. I did magnetic fingers." And I felt like an hypnotist. And I did magnetic hands and like, "Oh no, no." I felt like a hypnotist before but now I'm a real hypnotist." And when I started to do "feel this" and "the Jedi," right? I'm like, "No, no. I'm doing real hypnosis." And then when I did my first induction with someone, "No, that was all great but this is where the money is, so to speak." And then when I started to do skits with people, making them forget their name, amnesia, full body catalepsy, small body catalepsy, positive hallucination, negative hallucination, it just got better and better and better and it just pumped me up but it made me feel fucking incredible.

I know why performers get addicted to that feeling whether they're a professional wrestler, a professional athlete, a movie star, a stage actress, a singer, a dancer. I get what that is. And I think you owe yourself that gift that if you are into hypnosis, go out there and experiment with willing victims, I mean, willing participants with this. Use your skill, hone your skill like it is a martial art so you can use it anytime whenever you need to, not only when this situation and circumstances are perfect. You can be out doing it at any time because, for me, a true expert can do their craft at any time, anywhere, any place. And I think you owe yourself that gift if you are an hypnotist, just go out there and do it, just go out there and experiment with street hypnosis. And after you've experimented with it, if it's not really your thing, if you don't really like it, be happy at least you've gone out there and attempted it. Good for you. It isn't for everyone, but don't just poopoo it, don't just rubbish it because you've never experienced it because you're too much of a pussy to go out there and do something. Go out there, experiment, experiment multiple times, get feedback and then make your decision, because it will make you a better hypnotist, a stage hypnotist, a better hypnotherapist.

I go to a lot of these conferences all around the world, some of the greatest hypnotists that you can find out there. And it always surprises me that a lot of them are still shit scared to do street hypnosis. Now, when you go to a convention there's a bunch of other hypnotists there. That's not the same as doing street hypnosis because it's not easy to do hypnosis with hypnotists who are already open-minded than it is to a random person who's on Church Street in Toronto on a Saturday night, or outside the city hall in Toronto on a Friday night, or outside the Bellagio in Las Vegas, or walking down somewhere in Manhattan Times Square people who are not there to be hypnotized. So, yeah. If you wanna build up your confidence a little bit, you can do it with friends, you can do it with family, sure. But that's still a bit of a crutch, to be honest with you. When you're out there doing it with people you don't know, the people you've just met, that's when you become shit hot at this, and your skills are gonna exponentially get higher and higher and higher and you are gonna feel fucking bulletproof when you do this and you're gonna be able to help so more many people because the confidence in your own ability is gonna skyrocket. And your clients, your audience if you're on stage they're gonna feel this upon you and they're gonna know that you know your shit, they're gonna feel your bulletproof confidence.

So go out there, find someone perhaps in the local meetup group who does street hypnosis. Perhaps go in a couple of Facebook forums, there's many street hypnosis groups out there, see if there's anyone in your town that will go out with you and allow you to do this with them. If you're in Toronto, if you're in Ottawa, then please look me up. I am Hynopunk here, but my website is I do stage hypnosis courses and take private mentor and students. And it's just really where the rubber meets the road and it is exhilarating to do this. So, that's my pitch for street hypnosis and why it's so very important and you should really look into it before you rubbish it because you don't have the balls to go out there and do it. Do it. Do it multiple times then make up your point because a good street hypnotist is the purest form of hypnosis you're ever gonna have.

Always Believe,

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