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What I want to share with you today is some of the success mindset that the most successful people and clients I know operate from, whether they're aware of it or not. Now, I'm not actually saying these beliefs are true, they might not be true, but what I do know is that when people act as though these particular things are indeed true in the way that they operate in the world, and the people, and the reactions that they take, then they tend to create better results.

Please just let go of any idea, of any of these faulty success mindsets being true, and work purely on the fact of does it work for you and does it enable you to create better results? That's really for me what empowerment's all about. Whenever I come across some new information, just like you're doing right now, I'm always filtering that information through several questions. Does it empower me or does it dis-empower me? Does it give me more choices or less choices? Does it enable me to get great results or less results? Providing the information that's coming in, one, empowers me. Two, gives me more choices, and three, enables me to get great results, then I'm quite willing to take on board with that information, and act as if it's true to get the kind of results that I want.

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