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How To Deal With Negative Emotions 2/2

The next one up is fear. What we fear, fear being scared, anxiety, they're all forms of fear. And fear is quite an interesting one. Actually, fear is the one that is absolutely not grounded in reality. There could be an argument that none of them are grounded in reality. But there was some evidence…
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PODCAST #23 How To Exit The Matrix!

In this weeks episode we explore the Matrix. What it is? How if effects every aspect of our lives. And how we can Exit it and create a New Reality. Remember to Like, Share and Comment :) Always Believe, Luke Michael Howard CHT Clinical Hypnotist "Stop Destructive Habits Today Permanently" Book your free Hypnotic screening…
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Straight Edge Hypnosis – Toronto Hypnosis

I want to make a selection of videos about symbolism, wherever that's...whatever your religion may be or if you don't have a religion. For some of you, it may be the star of David, for some of you, it may be a cross, whatever it is. We've all got symbols and symbols mean so much…
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