The Black Bag How Emotional Trauma Is Formed

The Black Bag How Emotional Trauma Is Formed

Luke Michael Howard, clinical hypnotist and

owner of Lukenosis Hypnosis here today in

Paradise. I want to share with you today the

concept of the black bag. And no, don't worry,

I'm not going to do a David Copperfield or David

Blaine magic trick of you, although I'm about

to share with you, is in some ways very

magic with a K.

There's three forms of magic in the world. There's

wand magic, there's hand magic, and there's mind magic.

I'm going to share you some mind magic or some

mind magic principles today. Again, not performance

magic, but real magic. With a K, so from the moment

we're born, well, actually, from the moment

we're conceived to the moment we die, events

start to happen. Perhaps unpleasant events,

perhaps what some people call trauma. Some

negative emotions. Anger, fear, anxiety,

shame, guilt, get accumulated. Negative emotions,

negative beliefs. I'm not good enough. I'll

never make enough money. I'll never lose that

amount of weight. I'll never attract the ideal

soul mate in my life. And all these things get

put in a black bag inside, all right, one after

the other after the other, and it gets compressed overtime.

And as we start to get older, the black bag starts

to pop up and we start to feel this thing called anxiety.

We start to feel this thing called sadness.

We start to have the belief I'm not good enough

and it starts to really interfere in our life

and what's what some people, I guess in psychology

we call repressed emotions, repressed events

that come up and they come up. And the reason

that our higher self and our unconscious mind,

some people call the subconscious would put

it into this black bag is a way of protecting us.

cause when that seed is first planted of the

sadness, the first event would always be the most significant.

The first event of I'm not good enough the belief,

For example, the first time it happens, it might

not be the most significant event when we look

back, but it accumulates over time and it's

we probably don't have the resilience to deal

with it at that particular time. So basically

the high self comes in to protect us, puts it

into the black bag and pushes it down.

And as we get older in life, these events start

to pop up. The black bag starts to pop up. An example

of this is you might be going about your shopping

or going about your Thursday afternoon and

suddenly and nowhere, for no particular reason,

a bunch of anxiety drops on you and there's no

reason for it coming. Or you just get really

sad and nothing in your objective world has happened.

Or suddenly this belief you're not good enough

comes up and nothing. I seemingly happened

to trigger this in the moment. You're like,

how comes? I was just alright a minute ago and

now I'm feeling like this. It's the black bag

coming up. Really. A black bag is our Higher Self

saying, hey, do you want to deal with this? So

I protected you for the years because you didn't

have the equipment to deal with this stuff.

So I put it in the black bag and I kept it inside

so you could function and you could get by. Now

you do have the skills or the ability. To get help.

To let go of these things. Sadness, Fear, Anxiety,

pain, Shame. Guilt, Chronic pains. Limited decisions.

I'm not good enough. I'll never make enough money.

I'll never get my ideal soul mate. I'll never

get that car. I'll never be able to go on that vacation.

I'll never have enough money. I'll never lose

enough weight. I'll never be pretty enough.

I'll never be handsome enough. And it starts

to come up. And sometimes you might be like,

oh, I thought I dealt with that. You didn't deal with it.

Your higher self was trying to protect you at

that stage of your life and pushed it down. But

the reason it comes up later in life is your higher

self saying, hey, now's the time to deal with this.

Now's the time to go into that black bag, to let

go of your fear, your pain, your shame, your

guilt, your anger, your limited decisions,

your negative beliefs. Now's the time. So they

come up and they come up really, really strongly.

And they come out of that black bag when the bravest

things that you can do is find a way to heal yourself,

to let those things go in the black bag. Because

they're only coming up because now is the time

for you to deal with them. And if you don't feel

that you can do that, good job is to help find somebody.

When a coach find someone like me, find a change

worker, that can help you go through the process

of letting those things go from your black bag.

So one day that black bag can be empty. You can

just let it go and that paradise can start to

come inside your head and inside your body,

even if you're in a place that's a concrete jungle.

Always Believe,

Lukenosis Hypnosis xXx



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