Third Eye Charka

Third Eye Charka

HypnoPunk here and today I stand before the third eye chakra,
which resides right here.

It resides just in front of your pituitary gland why it's really interested is
if your spiritual people believe that the pituitary gland is the way
for you to speak to your higher power,

whomever or whatever that may be it's also the pituitary gland is also responsible
for releasing the neurochemical of oxytocin,
which is the love bonding chemical that makes us feel.

If that makes us feel loved that makes us feel emotionally nourished and sometimes
just by simply putting two fingers there.

It can start to release oxytocin have done studies and when actually drawn an infinity sign in this area,
there's some Studies have shown it releases even more oxytocin into your bloodstream
and focusing on this area when you meditate can also help the pituitary gland to
release that bonding love hormone.

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