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How to increase our vibe, or more specifically, 10 Ways to Increase Your Vibe. So, probably it makes sense to describe what vibe is because it can seem a little bit intangible, if you will. But really, how I define vibe is it's basically your energy, it's your flow, it's your confidence, it's your positivity, it's that fun element of you that you've just got this beautiful energy as you wake up on the right side of the bed one day. And it just seems everything's going well when there isn't a lot that's changed perhaps since yesterday, but you're just feeling that flow state. You're very positive. You got that confidence going. You've got that good mental state that's going on. I call that vibe. That's how I define vibe. It's that gregariousness. That's easy for me to say. Gregariousness. Or should I say gregarious? Thank you. Finally got that word. I can finally speak English again. It's that charisma, it's that charm that just comes off you wherever you go, no matter what you're doing. And we're gonna talk about today how to naturally get that high so you're in that vibe state more of the time.

So, here's how you do it. Number one. Top 10 ways to increase your vibe. Realize that vibe is about giving. It's a giving energy, it's about giving out that charisma, that energy, that love, that positivity. It's not about being a value taker and take and take and take with two hands, as many people do. They're quite miserable. It's about giving and it's about giving not necessarily money, but time, the energy to make the world, to make an interaction fun, to make it about a place. So, look at interactions you go into wherever that be. Getting a coffee at Starbucks by giving something to that person, not just your money, but giving them a piece of energy from yourself. It's about giving that wonderful positive energy. So, think about number one. First thing is getting that giving mindset.

Number two. Second way you can increase your vibe is exercise. Exercise. Whatever that is for you. Whether that's just walking, whether that is running, whether that is lifting weights, whether that is doing a Zumba class or mixed martial arts class, a krav maga class, DDP, yoga, whatever it is, but do some form of exercise, some kind of body movement that will help to work that biochemistry, so you're just using your body, you're getting into it, it will increase your vibe, do it. No matter how small it is, do it.

Third way to increase your vibe is talk to someone. Talk to someone as quickly as you leave the house. Within five minutes if you're leaving the house, talk to someone. Give someone a wonderful experience. Again, whoever that someone you meet on the street, whether that be somebody at Starbucks or Timmy's where you're buying your morning tea or coffee, but talk to someone. Immediately get your voice working. And if you get up early often times us as guys, our voices are sexier in the morning because we've got that deep voice. So, go out and use that to good effect in the world. Use that sexy voice. And ladies, you can use your sexy voices as well. Go out and talk to someone, anyone, within five minutes of leaving the house. Someone you don't know, if that be someone who looks nice in the street, has a wonderful tattoo or is dressed well or someone that you get your morning coffee. Have a little conversation with them. Doesn't have to go anywhere. Just giving them that gift of getting your voice working, connecting with someone.

Number four, the fourth way how you can increase your vibe each and every day is get some sunlight. Go out there. Recent studies have shown that just 20 minutes of direct sunlight on your skin each and every day can make the world of difference in combating things like anxiety and depression. So, go out there. I know at times in my life when I have walked a lot from home and haven't got out there in the sun and it has affected me. Just go out there. Just walk around in the daytime when the sun is coming down, whether it be spring, autumn, summer, or even winter here in Canada where we have crazy winters, but get out there, get some sun. It will change how we feel about the world. So, you don't have to go into a shop and get your Vitamin D because you're gonna get it from the sun naturally, making you feel better, more alive.

Number five. The fifth way to increase your vibe. Get up early. Get up early. I know in my own life, when I have gotten up later in the day, still got a shitload of stuff done. But just the mere fact of getting up earlier while other people are sleeping, getting up having that edge on the world, having that edge on other people, having that edge on yourself, knowing that you can be one before the world wakes up. You've got that little bit of edge on it. It can be a wonderful place just to sit in that silence, that's when I meditate in the mornings. I sit in that silence. Just getting up, getting up early, getting up anywhere from 5:00 am to 7:00 am, but getting up and just being awake, being alert, being in the world, feeling that energy makes a world of difference.

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Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard CHT
Clinical Hypnotist

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