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Number six. Sixth way to increase your vibe is groom. Groom well. If you're a man, you have a beautiful beard, groom that beard well. If you have lots of tattoos like me, groom those tattoos. Look after them. Moisturize them. If you're a lady, you know what you do. Put your makeup on, make yourself look good, because when you look good, you are gonna feel good and you're gonna project that positive vibe on other people. So, groom. Take the time to cut that nasty hair that's coming out of your nose or sticking out the side of your ear. Take time to clean your clothes. Don't just wash them once a month. Take time to nurture yourself, to look good, to look your best. Because remember, people are judging you, even that first three to five seconds of meeting you, correctly or incorrectly, they're doing it. We all do it all the time. So, put that best step forward. Know that you look good, you've groomed, you're taking that time to nurture yourself.

Number seven. Seventh way how you increase your daily vibe when you go out there is have a daily routine. Have a daily routine. Get up at the same time every day. Get to bed the same time roughly every day. Have a meditation or a hypnosis or a self-development practice you do at the same time every day, exercise you do at the same time every day. If you work for yourself, time you spent on the internet. If that means a specific time every day. Get that routine going. I know that if you have a nine to five job, then that routine's pretty much spelled out for you. But if you work for yourself, it can be a lot harder to implement the routine. But have a routine that's regular day in and day out, so your body and mind knows what to expect and can set you up for great success to keep things regular in your life.

Number seven. A seventh way you can increase your vibe when you go out there in the world and just have more positivity, more of that flow state, is take cold showers. Yeah. Cold showers. They will wake you up. They will increase your nerve force. There are some recent studies to say that it can prolong your life and all your longevity in work. For us men, it can increase testosterone out there as well, which is always a good thing. And it will wake you up. Forget your morning coffee, your morning Starbucks. Save yourself $6.50. Have a cold shower. It will wake you up beyond belief, like giving yourself a positive shock to the system that literally vibrates to your bones. And the first couple will be agony. You're like, "Oh my god, what am I doing?" But then, eventually, you'll get used to it. It will just be like that oomph that you need to get going that will replace that morning coffee or tea for my British and European friends.

Eight. The eighth way how you can improve your vibe immediately right now without taking any medication or any drugs is smile. Smile more, even if you have to fake it. Studies have shown that people that have a smile that's on their mouth, that they fakily, if that's a word, put on their mouth for up to a minute, there actually is a biochemical change into your body that tells your amygdala, pre-frontal cortex of your brain, that you are happy, so it releases more dopamine and good neuron transmitters that will naturally make you feel better just by smiling. So, if you've got something to smile about, and we all do, some of us have to dig a bit deeper than others, then do it. If you've got nothing to smile about your line, but fake it because you'll still get that biochemistry after a minute that will literally change, and the way that people interact with you will be different as well. Plus, if you live in America, you won't have to get plastic surgery after the age of 40.

Eight. The eighth way how to increase your vibe. Come off of alcohol. Stop drinking alcohol. It's not good for you. You might think, "Oh, when I drink alcohol, I have a great vibe." And you know what I find? I have too much fun without it. So, come off of alcohol. Come off that crutch. You don't need alcohol to be friendly, to approach people, to talk to people, to let those barriers down, to be uninhibited. You can do that without alcohol. We don't need it. It's just a crutch. You don't need it. Don't be like everyone else. Come off the alcohol, which is prematurely gonna age you anyways, make your skin look horrible and make you look disgusting oftentimes, realizing that you have to rely on a crutch to be social. No, you don't. You can do it. You can do everything without alcohol. Still have fun, still hang out with your friends, still be the life and soul of the party, and you don't need a drop of it, if you so choose.

And the tenth way to increase your vibe each and every day is to eat clean. Eat clean. Eat clean. That means, cut out all the junk, cut out all the McDonald's, all the fast food. Cut out all the aspartame, the sweetener that is in soft drinks. They did a study, I believe, with pilots quite a few years ago. And actually, what they determined...and I'm not sure if this is correct, but I have heard it from a few pilots and people in the airline industry, is they don't even let pilots drink anything with aspartame up to a couple of hours before they take flight because of how it can affect your reflex times and potentially cloud judgment when you're flying those big 747s. But you don't need aspartame. It kills brain cells of rats and it causes cancer in their brain cells as well, if you wanna read the recent studies on that.

But eat clean. Cook your own food. If you wanna do keto, do keto. If you wanna have vegetables and lots of fruit, do that. But eat as natural as you can. Prepare as much of your own food as you can. Don't eat out as much. Eat healthy, but under eat, don't overeat. And if you find yourself overeating, listen to one of the podcasts. I believe it's podcast number one, two, or three, which addresses weight release. And ask yourself the question if you are eating too much, what's eating you? When you get to the bottom of that, you get to the bottom of why you eat so much.

And an extra bonus. Number 11 here. How to increase your vibe. Cut out all the negative people. Cut out all the social media nonsense where you're comparing yourself to other people. Cut out negative friendships. You keep someone in your life just because they've been there for a long time. But really, they bring you down. Cut them down. You cut them out, even if they're family members. If they bring you down, cut them out. If social media brings you down, cut it out. I used to realize, when I would look at my phone, I'd be too plugged into my phone, looking at social media, looking at my emails, looking at my text, a lot of times it would bring me down. It would kill my vibe. It would literally rob me of my vibe. So, the more I cut it out, the more I put checking my emails, my social media, my phone to specific times in the day, the more my vibe increased. Cellphones, computers, social media can literally rob you of your vibe almost quicker than just about anything else.

And the more you cut that junk out of your life, the more your vibe will increase. I've had times where I have been on vacation and I've just not used my phone, not looked at my phone or social media or the internet or emails or text for a week, and my vibe increases exponentially. It's amazing. Try that. Do it. I know some of you are working like, "I need to respond to texts and emails of people at work, of clients," or "I'm a mother," or "I'm a father, I need to check in with my family." All right, I get that. So, just have certain times a day. Certain times a day where you checking on it, you know? And checking on it. And checking on it. I would say it three times because that's what they say that you need to have things demonstrate or hear it three times in order for a lot of people to get it deep inside their unconscious mind.

So, let's do a little recap. And not in any particular order, how to increase your vibe. Exercise, go and do some kind of full physical activity every day. Number two. Not in any particular order. Give. Don't look to be a value taker. Look to be a value giver. Three. Get some sunlight. Get out there in the light, in the daytime. Let that Vitamin D hit your skin. Four. Talk to someone. Talk to someone five minutes after you leave the house. Doesn't matter if someone on a street, complement them. In Starbucks, in the bank, get a conversation done. Work that verbal muscle within five minutes of leaving your house. Groom well. If you're a man or woman, groom well. And take that time to nurture yourself. It'll make you look better and feel better about yourself.

Six. Develop a daily routine that you stick to each and every day, especially if you're an entrepreneur and you work for yourself. It's even more important. Surround positive people. Cut out negative people, even family members. Smile...eight...more, each and every day. And even a fake smile will start to change the physiology of your body and the biochemistry of your brain. Nine. Take cold showers. Realize that it increases your nerve force energy and can make you live a bit longer as well. Ten. Eat well. When you go out there, eat well. Eat clean. However eating clean is for you, whether that's a keto diet. I hate the word diet. Whoever's eating low carbohydrates, whoever's eating fruits, vegetables, fasting, do it. But eat clean. Make sure you don't eat out too much, you don't eat processed foods. That you cook as much of your food as you can. I believe 11. We might have missed a number. It might be the bonus one. Stop drinking alcohol. You don't need it. You don't need it to increase your vibe or be a better person. You just don't need that shit. Come off of the alcohol. It just slows you down.

So, there you go, ladies and gentlemen. There's 10 or 11 ways because we have an extra bonus on how to increase your vibe every day in whatever you do. So, you go out there in the world, you have that good mental state, that more flow, that more confidence, that more positivity. And you have more gregariousness. See, I can say it now. And more fun in all your interactions and what you do out there. Because remember, what you do to the world, the world's gonna do to you. It's essentially a mirror. So, make sure what you're mirroring out there is good positivity and good flow energy, i.e. up that vibe.

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Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard CHT
Clinical Hypnotist

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