How To Go From Victimization To Self Belief 2/2

What's the antidote then, Luke? You're telling us about stop victimizing ourself, yeah. That's a lot of why? That's a lot of how? How do we stop? Easy, my friends. It's tattooed on my arm. I took it from my favorite wrestler of all time, The ultimate warrior. It's a phrase that I often sign off these podcast. My emails, my correspondence to people, "Always believe." Believe in me? No, I don't care if you believe in me or not. Believe in God? You can believe in God if you want, I don't care of whoever your religious digity is or isn't. I'm not talking about any of that. I'm talking about believing in yourself, about the internal compass inside. I'm not talking about confidence because confidence is situational-based, "Oh, I'm really confident when I'm around my friends at work, but I'm not confident in front of my boss. I'm really confident playing my video game at home, but I'm not confident in talking to an attractive member of the opposite sex. Oh, I'm really confident in doing this magic trick or hypnosis in front of my family, but I wouldn't be confident in doing them in front of a complete stranger who might judge me." That's what confidence is, it's situational-based. It's emotional-based. You could be confident in one area and feel like a complete shitbag in another area. No, it's not that, it's beyond that.

Self-esteem. Yes, self-esteem is great. And I used to often use the term that self-esteem is that rich, self-esteem is that contract that we have with ourselves. It's an agreement we have with ourselves. It's the reputation we have with ourselves. Self-esteem is like that rich background. If you have a computer, it's like that background of the computer that no matter what's happened, no matter you're surfing on the web, doing what you're doing, looking at those websites you shouldn't be looking at, here, in the background, is always that rich screensaver that will always be there.

Self-esteem is not about being unrealistic and saying, "Oh, the world is perfect all the time. And I only have beautiful flowers in my garden and there are no weeds," to quote Tony Robbins, no. It's about saying, "All right, my life's a bit tough right now. I don't have everything I want. I don't look the way that I want to look, 100%. I don't act the way I wanna act, 100%. I'm not feeling all the things I wanna feel, 100%. Yet, I know I'll find a way through this. I'll know I'll to find a way to get that elusive level. I'll know I'll find a way to be better, to do better. Even though I may be in some dark abyss right now and some challenging times, I know, deep down in my core, I will find a way to overcome this." And you know how I know? Because I've been here X amount of years and I'm still around and I've always found a way. And although that way does not come and strike me at this particular moment, in this particular time, I know it will find me at some point. That's what self-esteem is.

But for me, let's take another step further. About self-belief, self-belief. Again, about believing in yourself, that you have the ability to do whatever you want, to be whoever you want, to have the life that you want to lead. Yes, your life will be challenged. Yes, there will be dark times, yes, but you have everything within you to be a perfect, total success in your life. I don't care who told you the opposite. I don't care how many thousands of times you've called yourself a shitbag inside your head. I'm telling you right now, you can do it when you choose, when you choose to stop taking that same amount of energy to victimize yourself and put that same amount of energy into developing something, even yourself. Even that might be uncomfortable right now, even though you don't have the blueprint, you just got to take that step forward. That's what "Always believe" is to me. That's why I sign my emails, "Always believe." That's why it's tattooed on my arm, to make you believe in you.

And, yeah, I could talk myself of having any clients after you listen to this particular podcast, but you know what, I don't care. Because I have this belief that if everyone was operating with this amount of self-belief that I have, this amount of self-belief that you deserve, if you get out of your fucking way to stop being a bitch to the world and to your own mind and your own problems, you'd have the kind of life that you'd lead. We'll stop killing one another, raping one another, stealing from one another, hurting one another, and we'd all kind of live in the nirvana that we deserve out there if you just get out of your own way.

So what is, I'm often asked, what does "Always believe" mean, Luke? And what it means is you have within you the unique potential, something unique within you to do whatever you set your mind to and the actions to do. In some wonderful, one of a kind, kind of way, you are unlike anybody else. All of us, as human beings, here on the planet, all of us are so alike in so many ways, but yet, in each of us lies our own life story. Your story is your story, not anyone else's. You were created of a singular, unique soul print to do something creative like no other human being who has lived or will ever live. What that thing is is your only thing that you need to do in life, what that thing is that only you can do, that you only have that unlimited potential.

However, because that thing is yours to do and no one else's, no one else can discover it for you, only you can do it. You can find it by believing that it does indeed lie within you. It's not that you have to know right now exactly what your unique creative thing is, that you have the potential to do. What matters is that you believe with all that you are, that it lies inside of you. That's where it all starts. Nothing matters more than always believing in your potential to hold on to, to do something that no one else can, and the potential that you have to think and act to bring that thing to life. It's about resetting your soul's compass so that you're in pursuit of your destiny. That's what "Always believe" means.

I took it from my favorite wrestler, The Ultimate Warrior. He passed away a couple of years ago. Because, see, he's the person who taught me, in some way, some form or fashion about self-belief. Before I heard of Tony Robbins and the Richard Bandlers and the Oprahs and whoever the flavor of the month now is, before I was even into superheroes, I was into wrestlers. And there was this guy that run down to the ring with crazy long hair, face paint, muscles, tassels on his arms. He looked amazing. He looked like a real-life superhero. He was my real-life superhero. He'd shake this rope. He picked up men above his head all the way for a gorilla press slam and he dropped them in the middle of the ring. He was the first guy to cleanly pin, beat the immortal Hulk Hogan, and Hulk Hogan didn't like to lose, right here in the Toronto, formerly known as SkyDome. And Warrior's always a different...he was judged by lots of other wrestlers as being elusive, as being a bit arrogant, being different from the other boys in the way that he interacted with the world. It wasn't a form of arrogance. It wasn't a form of being elusive for being elusive sake. It was that he had this belief. He had this destiny with inside himself that was stronger than all the voices out there that he heard. All the noise that he heard out there, that one single voice inside his head was louder, that he needed to do something unique to touch people in his own unique way. That's how I learned about self-belief. And that's what, in some form or fashion, inputted, imprinted into me as self-belief principles.

You know what? To quote Sylvester Stallone in the classic, "Driven," "I don't have a lot of things, but I have two things. I have will and I have faith. And I believe you can will yourself into doing anything. And faith, faith's like a good disease, and if you believe in it long enough, it starts to manifest in your life, in your mind." Self-belief, the highest level of change.

To summarize today, stop being a fucking victim. Stop being a bitch to yourself. Stop letting the world treat you like a bitch, okay? All those things that you feel you're not good enough, you are good enough right now. Can you be better? Sure. But you're good enough right now. That voice, it tells you all that shit is wrong. Stop fucking listening to it. Stop making it your reality. Stop victimizing yourself. It's the root of every single problem that you can imagine, from the A to the Z. Confidence, people who are not confident, it's situational-based. You have confidence in this area, but not in this area. Confidence is fleeting.

Self-esteem, higher level. Self-esteem is that higher level, that higher level of believing in yourself. It's that rich tapestry of a background that you have. No matter how life's treating you, you know you'll get through it, and you'll get through with it with elegance. It's that reputation you have with yourself. But that's self-belief. That's self-belief, not believing in me, not believing in the guru of the month, the god or goddess that's out there, you can do that if you want, that want a bunch of religious fanatics [inaudible 00:20:01] hate now. It's simply about believing in yourself, that you are enough, that you are unique. That as you have a thumbprint, you have a soul print and you can do anything, it starts between your ears. It all starts there. That's how you can change your life. And if you truly implement it, if you truly have listened to the words that I've given you today, you don't need another book on self-development. You don't need another therapy session. You can change your life and you can be everything you ever dreamed of.

Always Believe,
Toronto Hypnotist

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