What Is The Breakthrough Session?

Hello. Luke Michael Howard, clinical hypnotist and owner of Lukenosis Hypnosis here with a very special video, launching The Breakthrough Session. What is a breakthrough session Luke, and how does that differ from working with you one on one? Well, for many, many years now, I've been following a system of doing essentially different packages, different programs with clients, and they could range from anywhere from one to about three sessions. Now when you think modern-day psychotherapy or counseling, there is no result that is guaranteed in it and it's an indefinite thing that you'll be seeing your therapist or counselor three times a week for four years. Sigmund Freud even said that and it can't guarantee your result. The interesting thing about psychotherapy is, no one ever goes to their psychotherapist, their counselor, their cognitive behavioral therapist and say, "How many sessions did it take?" Try it, because there is no answer to that. It's an indefinite thing that's ongoing.

Whereas hypnosis, the system I've been using for a long time, typically it's one to three sessions to fix almost any problem, which is really, really good and worked for many, many people. However, I noticed that sometimes it could be slightly flawed, and for someone who has ADD and gets very distracted and likes to do things very, very fast, that sometimes took a little bit more time. Now I still offer that system for some people who'd prefer it, but now I offer something called a breakthrough session. And really if we go back to the old model of therapy or hypnosis, and I don't like to think of what I do as being therapy, because it's not. Therapy means that you're broken, you're messed up. I like to think I'm an educator that's helping to educate you to run your own mind and brain better.

So if you figure in the old days someone would come in with one problem. That might be they're a smoker, they want to quit. They're overweight, they have obesity, they want to drop 50 pounds. They have chronic back pain, they want to let go of it. Or they have tremendous anxiety that they want to be anxiety free. So there's an A position they come in, a problem, and there's a B solution that they want to leave at. So it's kind of like this. This is kind of like your mind when it's okay, it's doing its normal thing, the amygdala, front cortex of your brain is doing its natural thing. And people come in to me and it's been activated. There is a problem situation going in and what we do essentially in hypnosis and the change work that I do is remove the problem from inside and it goes back to being its old way.

That's okay if you've got a single problem. However, what happens if you've got five problems? You're overweight, you smoke, you've got anxiety, you got pain in the back, you don't know what to do with your career. You haven't got the ideal relationship, you don't know what to do in life or what's holding you back. You've got more than one problem. It's probably gonna take more than one hour. So it kind of becomes a bit like this. Someone comes in and this is their problem. There is so much to do. There's so much going on now. Now, in a breakthrough session, it's essentially about collapsing this problem. This big sphere, if you will, that around somebody's head. Yeah, I know. Look a bit silly right now. In a breakthrough session, this sphere represents everything. It represents you not having the ideal job that you want. You perhaps being overweight, you perhaps doing some kind of drug that you don't want to do anymore. Attracting the wrong kind of mate. Having anxiety, having depression or just not having a kind of success you want in life. There's multiple things going on.

So essentially one hour as good as I am, it's not gonna collapse all those problems. However, in a breakthrough session, what we'd do is we'd take up to three to four hours to collapse all of those problems. So it helped to basically remove it from your head so you can see that problem for what it is, which most of the time it's just an illusion, then systematically collapse that bad boy up and in of itself, so that it goes back to you being in that normal balanced state. Now, breakthrough session is one session. It's about three to four hours with me. Essentially how it works is it's almost like you're going to see Santa. Yeah, I know I've got the beard but it's not quite white as Santa's beard.

On one sheet of paper, you'd come in and you'd write down everything that you don't want in your life anymore. That could be every limitation chronologically, every trauma, every problem you ever had. Everything you put down on the list number one. Because for about the first two or three hours, we're gonna systematically delete, delete, delete everything on that first sheet so it can't hold you back. We're gonna clear everything from your past and then in that last hour we're gonna set up your future. We're gonna create the future. So you're gonna fill out another piece of paper, another piece of paper with everything that you want. Now, everything you want isn't, I don't want to feel anxious. I don't want to be fat. I don't want to smoke. I don't want to have back pain. I don't want to have a terrible partner. I don't want to have a crappy job. No, no, no, no. If you ask for that, you'll get more of it because your unconscious doesn't process negatives.

So you're gonna ask for what you want. What do you want? Well, I want to be lean, I want to be in great shape. I want to have abs if that's your thing. I want to be a happy, healthy nonsmoker. I want to be able to interact with new people and be at peace, be comfortable, be the life and soul of a party if that's your thing, but the positive thing that you want and we put that into your future. So we clear all that icky, bad stuff from your past, so all those chains and those shackles are off of you. Get you to be firmly stated in the now, in the present, if you will, and then on the other second sheet of paper that you'd provide with me before you come, it'd be everything that you want.

So essentially this is not really therapy, if you will. It's about just taking away all of those problems and then setting up your future. And why this is different, why this model is different is it basically takes about three or four hours. When I used to do breakthrough sessions, it used to take way too long, about seven or eight hours. It used to take forever locked in a room with someone. Now I've got it down to a fine art of three to four hours. Whatever that problem is. It's not about one problem. It's, you've got to have multiple problems in your life that are somewhat overwhelming, like the big sphere here. You don't know where to start. Now, you ask, how many of these do I need? You need one. One breakthrough session. You come in and essentially what it is, is exactly what it says on the tin, it's a breakthrough.

People leave these sessions, it's a quote, a recent client. She said to me, "Luke, it felt like I went to Canada Wonderland, like I was on a roller coaster. There was ups and I felt amazing. There was downs and I was frustrated and I felt horrible. Then it was ups. Then I went on that Ferris wheel, on that See Saw and upside down." It's kind of what it feels. It's very intense. In fact, for that three or four hours when you come into my office, we lock that door and the only time you're allowed to leave is when we're done, or if you need to go to the washroom. Other than that, you have my 100% attention for 3 to 4 hours in that breakthrough session to revolutionize your life. This isn't about just going and that problem that you had is gone. It's literally about making a revolution in your life and a transformation.

Some people have this misnomer, this limited belief that change is a slow and gradual process. No, change happens like that. To make the decision to change, you may procrastinate, procrastinate, put it off, put it off. That may take forever, but when you've made that decision, that's fast. So that's what a breakthrough session is. The old system still works. And I do still see clients that may come in for up to three sessions. Every session is absolute maximum because I get sick and tired by that point and the problem is generally gone in about one or two. Now, the best metaphor I have for that, essentially if you go and see someone you've got a problem and essentially you want to quit smoking, you've got anxiety. I'm just saying that, just imagine or whatever your problem is. It's almost like you're going and you have a glass and it's full with toxicity, if you will, of your problem.

Now you go and see me, we do some work and we essentially get rid of all of that crap in that glass. Yet, in between sessions, that glass won't fill up like you're seeing a psychotherapist or a counselor, but life gets in the way in and then maybe some liquid and some toxicity that gets into it. So it ends up being a metaphor. If you end up after every session, being about five steps forward and one step back, you're still four steps forward after every session. After three sessions, you're 12 steps forward. You're doing amazing.

But there's always that thing of momentum. There may be a week, two weeks, three weeks in between sessions where life can throw you a curveball. Where a little bit of motivation may go down. Where a little bit of, what is the word that I'm looking for, a little bit of that effort and that energy that you put in may subside a little bit. It's almost like pushing that snowball if you will, up the mountain and it takes all that effort, all that volition.

So when you come in again for the second session, we're not at the bottom, by no means. We're right up there near the end, but we still got to do a little bit more pushing, since some time and effort's gonna be taken from that. Still, again, it's still more powerful than about any other form of therapy healing that I've found or personal change work out there. But the difference between that breakthrough session is we're locked in a room for four hours, yay, running away so we have all that momentum is the word I'm looking for. Where you don't have to worry about pushing up because once we've taken that three hours to push that ball up to the top of the mountain, then essentially we let that sucker go and it just falls away because all the work's done. And the interesting thing is once we start to delete, delete, delete, one problem, the rest fall in line. It's almost like a domino effect.

And again, if there's an hour or a week or so in between sessions, sometimes you have to do a little bit more work with setting up those dominoes, but in that breakthrough session, we knock them all down once and for all and it's gone. It's essentially doing that heavy lifting and removing that big, nasty, negativity that's been holding you back. So when you leave there, you feel transformed. You don't just feel that, oh, I don't feel anxious anymore, or yipee, I don't smoke anymore. You feel that your life has changed because your life has changed and it's an amazing, powerful process and it's the way that I'm doing more and more of my work these days because I believe in giving people that experience of transformation when they come in. That's what a breakthrough session is. I can't sing its praises highly enough.

I've kind of done a soft launch, if you will, with some clients over the last month or so, and the results have been mind-blowing, even essentially blowing my mind how successful kind of me asking myself why I was not doing this earlier. I don't know. I guess I was procrastinating, but don't you procrastinate. Don't be like me. Change like I did, and reach out and go for that revolution in your life. That change of the breakthrough session.

So hopefully now you know what a breakthrough session is. We eliminate and we delete, delete, delete, delete all that negativity. Limited decisions, negative beliefs about yourself. All the stuff that you were told about yourself that's been holding you back. All those traumas that you may have experienced in your life, we get rid of them all, all of them. That's right. Even those ones that are lurking back there. Then we set up the future, which is so, so key, because once we've cleared all that junk out of the way, there can sometimes be an instance where someone says, "Well, what's next?" Oh that's when the second sheet of paper comes in and everything you want, we install in your mind to make it inevitable that it is gonna happen. Let the law of attraction like setting up the inner compass inside that brings you closer and closer to that compelling future so it becomes vivid and it becomes real for you.

I've been Luke Micheal Howard. Owner, and hypnotist of Lukenosis Hypnosis explaining the breakthrough session. Please, if you've got any more questions about what the breakthrough session is, what happens in it, please leave your comments below and I certainly will get back to them all and do visit www.lukenosis.com for future updates. Thank you so very much and always believe.

Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard CH
Clinical Hypnotist

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