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I remember then going on and working at another hospital radio station which was a lot more professional, a lot more up-to-date, for the Whittington Hospital which was in North London which was very close to me. And this was like a real studio with real...we're actually playing CDs here. And it was like cutting-edge equipment in the late '90s and I was really excited. And there was a younger set of DJs, younger set of radio presenters, and a different demographic in the hospital. It was only the hospital and very close residents around the local area that could listen to it, but it was like actually doing a real radio show. And we'd do some shows there with my good friend, Ahmed, back in the day, and it was lot of fun and it was very exciting.

And I didn't do anything with talk radio then for, I guess that was in the late '90s, probably for about 20 years until late last year when podcasts started to become more the rage. And to bridge that time actually, I was a big Howard Stern fan. Now, before the internet in England, nobody really knew who Howard Stern was but I'd heard references to him in the early '90s and I was like, "This guy here, this is the king of all media. This is a great radio guy. I need to listen to this guy." And I remember seeing the movie "Private Parts" when it came out, the Howard Stern movie, and it was the only movie that had ever seen twice in the cinema. And it was just this introverted character who would go on air and just be completely honest without having to edit himself back in the day. And that was so appealing to me, it was so appealing to be able to communicate through words, to be honest, to be your version of honest, to communicate to an audience, to have a voice, to have people listen to you, to get inside people's ears, to get inside people's heads and to influence them in some ways, to get them know they're not alone whether it's 3:00 a.m. in the morning or they're travelling to work in rush hour at 7:00 a.m. in the morning or they're coming home from work after a busy, stressful day at 5:00 p.m. in the afternoon, drive-time on the morning breakfast shows which were typically the most successful, most listened to shows. That no matter where you were, that there was someone else out there, there was someone else, there was life that was going on, there was the world that was going on. And it seemed like a very intimate world that was going on, not everyone was a part of it. And as much as I loved TV, the medium of talk radio just influenced me so much.

So fast-forward, until 20 years later, I kind of left that to one side and started to develop this podcast that I do for you now. And it's not something that's monetized. It's not something I do for money. It's something I do for the people out there that listen and perhaps they think that there's no one else out there that can hear them, that there's no one else out there that is witnessing them. I know that you exist. I know that you're out there. I know that you're listening to it. I know your world may be overcrowded with emotions like anxiety, like fear, like sadness, like loneliness. And sometimes hearing someone's voice acknowledging you, hearing that there's someone else out there that you can share this Lukiverse with, if you will, it can make things not seem as dark, not seem as gloomy, not seem as scary because there's someone else out there, there's this Lukiverse, if you will, that you're a part of. And you are a part of Lukiverse if you're listening to this.

By me doing this podcast is a way of me giving back to what talk radio meant for me as a youngster, how it got me through some dark, dark times, being very, very lonely, being very, very isolated in my life. It helped get me through that and realize that the world wasn't such a big, scary mean horrible place, that indeed there were good people out there, there was intelligent conversation going out there, there was communication. And that's the reason I do this and that's the reason I put this podcast out there to help you to connect the pieces in your life to realize that whatever you're going through, keep going through it until you're through it till you get out of the other side. You can get out of the other side. It may take a second, it may take a minute, it may take an hour, it may take a day, it may take a week, a month, a year. But there is hope. There is hope that you can get out the other side. There is someone there. There is a world there waiting for you.

So I ask you, what's something in your life that meant so much to you perhaps growing up, perhaps as a youngster that helped to get you through some dark times that perhaps that you could give back it to the world in some form or fashion. Maybe it's writing a book, maybe it's starting your own podcast or radio show, maybe it's giving a talk, maybe it's running a group for people who are where you once were but you thankfully got out of it. What is something that you can do to give back? Because I often get clients that want to have the elusive self-esteem. They want to experience more self-esteem. They want to feel better about themselves. And you know one of the tasks I give all my clients that come in with that request? Is to say, go out every day and do something kind for someone. Not because you are being a pussy, not because you want to take something, not because you're wanting good karma to come back to you in some form or fashion, because that's just bullshit. It's not imperial, you can't prove it. But what's something you can do every day to make someone else feel better about themselves truly?

And you don't have to go and bang on about it and say, "I gave money to a homeless person today," and broadcast it on Facebook because of that kind of trashes everything that you did, the good work. What's something that you can do silently and not broadcast it to the world but you can do something kind for someone to make them feel better about themselves every day for no other reason than you want to make the world a better place? Because you see, when you start to do that regularly, your self-esteem cannot not be affected. It cannot not be affected. And although you're not doing this to build your own self-esteem, you're doing it to pick other people up, but at the same time, this crazy, weird phenomenon happens where you start to feel better about yourself because you are, as Gandhi says, "Being that change that you want to see in the world. You are making that difference." It's a very, very special thing.

So look inside yourself and ask yourself, instead of take, take, taking all the time or how tough your life is, just say, "What could I give back right now? What could I give back to the world? What is something that changed my life that I could learn to do, that I could give that gift to someone else? What am I good at that I could give away for free for something just to make the world a better place to pay it forward, so to speak?" Random acts of kindness, if you will, or something you could do.

Sit down with a pen and paper after this podcast, listen back again if you need to. And as talk radio what it meant to me and the reason I do this, what's your talk radio? What's your version off the podcast? Think about it. Give back to the world because a lot of people, we're value takers. We want more and want to take from people. Take people's money, take people's sex, take people's souls, if you will. Sounded a bit satanic, satanic, satanic...satanistic, if you will. But I didn't mean it like that. But what we're taking, stop being value takers and be value givers. What could you give back to the world? What gift could you give? What gift do you have in sight? Think about it, ask yourself, and find your version of the podcast.

So that's why I podcast, ladies and gentlemen and Lukeaholics. And I have developed a five-page plan and it is called "Five Ways to Become Unstuck in Your Relationship." If you would like a copy of that for free, this eBook, "Five Ways to Become Unstuck in Your Relationship," then just shoot me over an email at mail@lukenosis.com. It will be underneath wherever you are listening to this podcast. Send me an email. Say, "Luke, I want that 'Five Ways to Become Unstuck in a Relationship,'" and I will send that off to you A.S.A.P.

Always Believe,

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