*BIG NEWS! Things Are Changing…

BIG NEWS! Things Are Changing...

We're into the New Year and have some news updates for you about me about where I am going about where Lukenosis hypnosis is going
What I'm going to specializing in in the future.

So we've been doing this hypnosis thing for about 23 years now, right and I originally started To help people.

Stop smoking back in the day when I was
doing this when I was about 18 got really good at helping people quit smoking it.

Typically for most people about 80% of people would be an hour one sessions or they need
and then they would become a nonsmoker.

I specialized in that for a while and then went for a long period helping people with anything
because really people like well hypnosis
what can use it for better question is
what can't you use it for any think you want to get better at you can use hypnosis to help you.

Any negative emotion fear anxiety depression sadness.

You can help use the tools to hypnosis to disintegrate these things to get through these things to resolve these issues and any negative
beliefs that you've got i.e I am not good

I'll never be successful or I'll never choose that I'll never get that ideal mate in my life that ideal partner. I'll never get that ultimate body.
Whatever it is.

I'll never get that car that house that promotion and they're just let negative beliefs negative
beliefs are abit like I don’t know if you look at
your window now he got one and if you see a
tree there's a tree nearby and if it's a bit windy near where you are, you'll start to see the tree move the branches, perhaps move the leaves on the trees, perhaps move now, you can't see
the wind but you can see the impact on the
tree of the wind.

i.e again the branch is moving or the leafs
moving is a bit like a belief you can't see a
belief, but you can see it in as much.

as in your life. Are you getting more of
what you want or it getting more of this shit you no longer want that you feeling more the feelings you want to feel or you feeling the feelings.

You don't want to feel so that's that's kind of what a belief is.

So hypnosis to get rid of beliefs that have been holding you back and and integrate install beliefs are empowering like you are good enough.
You can be successful in your life.

So I had a long period of time where I help
people for manner kind of problems anxiety
was one.

I really specialized in helping clients overcome.
All forms of anxiety from you know, the young man that was too scared to talk to somebody
of the opposite sex all the way up to the soldier with Advanced post traumatic stress disorder
and everything in between.

I also worked with many people different kinds of addictions to alcohol crack heroin.

Basically all the things that people said I
shouldn't do when I got involved in hypnosis.

I don't work with children don't work with
people that were sexually abused do I work
with people that have strong addictions like
heroin cocaine crystal meth.

These are all the things that I worked with
because I mean mismatcher which means if
you tell me not to do something I'm probably
going to do it.

So I worked of all the people that are
supposedly shouldn't work with because hypnosis wouldn't work for them and it would be
ineffective and I worked with those people and had amazing success with those people.

So going forward and made a choice.
I made a choice going forward that this year
2021 most of my time in hypnosis and change work is going to be spent more on helping
people overcome addictions and addictions take many different forms.

They could be technical addictions.
You're addicted to your cell phone.
You're addicted to Facebook social media.
I used to laugh at this.

It does affect people it affected me for a long
time in my life frigging miserable checking my
phone every five seconds to see if this was like or if that was liked like Digital addictions
physical addictions stuff like cocaine just work with some clients over of cocaine tonight their
second session a couple doing really really
overcome in their their cocaine habit people
with Heroin crystal meth.

Yes, I've had amazing success in helping
people when rehab and other other forms of
help didn't help them overcome crystal meth
and heroin hypnosis and can change work.

I present really really help them.
So going forward I'm going Focus more on my time and helping people that have addiction heroin cocaine alcohol technical addictions
and addictions to toxic relationships,
you know, everyone's got an addiction but not always they're not all created equally.

So my most of my time now in the work that I'mgoing to do really specialize in an addictions
because I realized over the last six months
what I was really good at good at a lot of thing shumble brag, but I'm really good.

Helping people who are ready ready to do the work.

They've put their hand up and ask for my my counsel who want to overcome some kind of addictions and what I noticed my girlfriend
pointing this out to me fact is a lot of other
hypnotist and change workers will will refer
clients to me because they've seen my videos
or they'd known someone who's worked with
me and it typically would refer to me clients
that for whatever reason they didn't have
the confidence or competence and no
disrespect to them.

Sometimes a great strength is knowing your
wheelhouse what your strength is and
what your weaknesses and they were smart
enough to know that that working with
addictions wasn't particularly their their

So a lot of Hypnotists and change workers,
psychologists and counselors started to send me their clients that wereaddicted to heroin crystal meth cocaine alcohol to me.

I wondered why I didn't realize until recently
until my girlfriend over the last six months pointing this out to me and other hypnotists would
say yeah, we don't know how to deal with this big scare heroin.

It's really scary. I don't have to deal with this.
But I know you've had some success with this that I'm sending that my client to you.

Yes. It's a particular set of skills that I have and that doesn't mean that going forward.

I'm not going to help people for other issues.
If you've got something else negative emotion you want to release something like anxiety,
if you're looking to release weight, it doesn’t mean I'm not going to help you still if you want
to quit smoking which is a form of addiction a
lot of people believe doesn’t mean I’m not going to help people like that who called me up and asked for my help doesn't mean I'm going to stop doing that
but what it does mean is more and more of my time more and more my videos more and more of my market in and programs are going to be
putting together are going to be helping people overcome all manner of addictions
because I enjoy it.

I enjoy dealing With people who think that their problems big and scary and then when I start
to notice profound change after sometimes a
little was one session like holy shit!

I've spent 50 Grand in rehabs over the last five or six years.

Some of my celebrity clients told me and I
could have just come and saw you in an hour.

I feel more transformed than there all these years of Betty Ford Clinic or The Priory clinic in
London England, which makes me chuckle makes me smile alittle bit I feel good about that.

But yeah, so one more of my time is going to
be focused on addictions the bigger opiate
addictions as well the bigger the scary

The more I enjoy working with it. So yeah,
that's just a little bit of an update of where I am again.

Doesn’t it mean I'm not going to work with people that are ask for my help ask for my counsel on these other issues and I'm still going to be available to that.

But I'm going to be working more and more on people that have addictions more and more
helping these people more and more
programs books that I'm looking to write programs videos.

I'm looking to put together in the coming
months and year.

It's going to be focused on that going forward.
So that was just a quick update.

It's got any questions feel free whether you're watching live.

If you're watching live it give us a thumb up
now, give us a wave or just say hello in the

If you're watching this after the fact you got any questions about that then please do write your questions underneath and I will answer them
but that being said just a quick little update to
tell you what I'm doing how things are going.

Happy New Year to you all and

Always Believe,

If you want to have a chat with me to see if I can help,  you and schedule something here; http://Lukenosis.com/screeningcall/

Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Toronto Hypnosis


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