Mindset Monday #33

"Future Memories!"

Hypnopunk here with your "Mindset Monday." Today's "Mindset Monday" is all about future memories. At one point, man had this future event, this future memory of going to a place called the moon, so he put it out there. But what's a future memory, a future projection that you could put out there? It used to be called visualization, but really, what a visualization is is putting something in the future. And if it's between putting something into your future and it being a memory that's something in your past, it's not a lot. They're both imagined in some way.

So what future memories would you like to put out there? Would you like to go to the moon? Would you like to go to a different country? Would you like to have a better job, better career, better relationship? What do you want to do and what should you choose to be a future memory?

Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Hypnotist

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