How To Be A Man 2/2

Now some of us won't admit to this because we're afraid that we're gonna upset you women out there, that we're gonna upset the haters on Facebook, the people that are so controlled by social conditioning that we can't do these things. Well, you can do these things and they're inside right now. Be a risk taker. Be an adventurer. Take risks every day. Don't just sit on your ass and meditate every day and do nothing. Do something. Be a fucking man. Show your dick. I don't necessarily mean you're gonna pull it out in polite society because that would be just stupid. Don't do that. It's a metaphor ladies and gentlemen before you take everything I'm saying literally right here.

Be a fucking man. It's okay to be a man in 2018. I'm telling you. And it sounds like I'm the lone voice who says this but men out there, it's okay to be a man. And trust me. A lot of the women that I meet out there desperately, desperately want there to be men and not some castrated Mark out there who is a millennial, who complains everything and is way too in touch with their feminine side, where they've gone the polar opposite where they've lost all their masculinity.

Hey, another thing as well, another step to being a man. Willingness to emote. Yeah, willingness to emote. Hey, sometimes, guys, we're sad. We're allowed to be sad. If we're angry, we're allowed to be angry. You don't have to have that stiff upper lip as people in my country, Britain, are told from a young age. You don't have to be angry all the time. You don't have to be closed down all the time. You also do not have to be happy all the time and talk about, "Oh, yeah. My life is great." No, it's not so great and you know it. Be real. Be real about where you are. Then you have the ability to overcome it.

As a real man you will emote. Risk emoting your feelings. That doesn't mean you're crying around your woman every day about how bad the world is and a victim, but it means that you're a man and you can emote being happy, being sad, being angry, being loving, being pissed off, being excited. The whole cornucopia of it. The whole kaleidoscope of it. The Neapolitan, if you remember, is ice-cream from England. I don't know if you have it in the rest of the world where it was the pink ice-cream, the chocolate ice-cream which was brown and the white ice-cream which was I guess some type of vanilla. All the colors of the rainbow but a manly rainbow.

Another thing. Another thing that we're taught. It's not okay to be straightforward in society as a man. Women, I love you. I love women. I love the women in my life. I love you. You're fucking amazing. You make the world a better place. However, you're not the most straightforward of people out there. But instead of trying to change who you are as a real man, I accept who you are. I know that you're complicated and a lot of the time you don't even know why you're feeling the way that you're feeling or why you're doing the way that you're...the things that you're doing. I don't say that to be condescending on any level. I spent many years with many different women that I could see were in some kind of turmoil or pain, and as a man that loved them, I wanted to pull them out and I wanted to save them. And it basically ended up pissing them off even more.

So as a man, realize that your woman is gonna go through a hurricane of different emotions and rather than try and change it and try and make a frog into a bird, so to speak. Allow your woman to be a woman. She is her woman. She's gonna be who she is. She's going to do what she does. She's going to seem crazy at times. She's gonna do things that in our logical mind as a man, it doesn't make sense because we do not have a female brain. Instead of trying to change them or make them someone they're not, just love them, accept who they are and you be the tree. You be the tree where they are oftentimes deep emotional hurricane.

Be straightforward, guys. Be straightforward and direct in the way that you deal with yourself, in the way that you deal with men, in the way that you deal with women. Some people will faint shock because they're not used to someone being as direct as you. It will ruffle some feathers because a lot of people need that softener. Fuck that. Be a man. Be straightforward. Go for what you want. Ask for what you want. You're not always gonna get it. This is life. But at least fucking ask for it and go for it and realize it's okay to ask for it. At least make attempt at going for it.

Another quality of a real man is the protector of loved ones. On some level, women want to know that you can protect them. Does that mean you have to have 10 black belts, a UFC fighter, 240 pounds of ripped muscle? No, it does not mean that but on some level, a woman needs to know that you can protect her on some level, even if it's just an illusion. It's an attraction switch in many, many women. Not many women are aware of and a lot of women, even more so, are not so aware of, but the protector of loved ones, that your woman knows that you will protect her whether that's physically, whether that is verbally, whether that is with your energy. Whatever it is, your woman needs to know that. Your woman needs to feel safe when she is around you. That's one of the gifts that you give women.

And no, women, before you send me the hate mail, I'm not saying you're weak and that you're a damsel in distress and you have no power. I'm saying you have incredible power but at a deep-rooted evolutionary level that's one of your attraction switches. That yeah, you can look after yourself and protect yourself but one of your attraction switches is a man that will love and protect you, whether you want to admit it or not.

As a man, as mentioned earlier, but let's go into a bigger picture of this. As a man, our fundamental deepest value is freedom. The freedom to do what we want, be what we want, with whoever we want, whenever we wanna do it. But we're taught in society it's not okay to do that. We've gotta get married and have 2.2 children. We've gotta have a job that we probably hate that pays the bills while we work for the government nine to five every day, get that mortgage, get that house in the suburbs. And secretly, there's like that rusty screw inside our brain, inside our heart, where we're doing everything we're told we're supposed to do yet we feel that something is wrong. Something is rotten in our brain, in our soul. You know what it is? It's you gave up your freedom. That's why you're unhappy. You gave up being a man. You gave up your freedom of doing whatever you want, whenever you want it, as long as you're not outwardly going out of your way to cause physical damage to people. Freedom.

And on a slight note, women out there who are listening to this, thank you. I hope that you're getting something from this as well. I told you you would. What's the number one quality in a woman? It's different. Fundamentally, the number one quality in most women at a fundamental evolutionary level is what? Love. Love. That's the fundamental deepest value for a woman is love. In a romantic relationship, relationship with their friends, relationship with their children is love. As men it's not. It's freedom. We still want love but freedom's our number one value. It's different. That's why men and women oftentimes have problems in communicating with one another because we both on some level want completely different things as our highest value, but we also want love and that connection as well.

Another thing, men out there. It's okay to be polarizing. It's okay for them to love you. The world, I'm talking about. It's okay for them to hate you, but choose a fucking side and be polarizing and make them speak louder than you. Don't be beige. Don't be the man, the middle man that kinda falls into the background. Be polarizing. Pull your dick out. And once again, I'm not saying that you really pull your dick out. It's a metaphor ladies and gentlemen. Be polarizing. Be who you are. And people are gonna like it and people are not gonna like it, and be okay with either one because they're not gonna stop you from being who you are and going for your freedom out there. Don't be afraid if you're not pissing someone off or if you are pissing someone off.

I learned a long time ago if I'm not pissing off at least one person a day, I'm not investing enough in my life. Do it. Don't be afraid to be a man. Don't be afraid in 2018 to be a man, to go for what you want, to express your anger, to lead, to take risks, to be straightforward, to call people including yourself on your bullshit, to make your mission more important than your children, your wife, your boyfriend if you're homosexual, even yourself. Your mission needs to be stronger than that. That you are the protector of loved ones. Even if that loved one is only you in your life right now and you have no family, that you understand that on some fundamental level, your highest value as a man is freedom.

There's polarities in life. There's a north pole, there's a south pole. There's positive and negative with magnets, with batteries. It's the same with men and women. There's positive, there's negative, there's different polarities. There's masculinity on one polarity point and the opposite polarity point is femininity. Neither is better. I would hate to live in a world where there was no feminine energy and femininity. It would be a far darker place. And in its softness, is beauty and great strength and it makes the world a better place, more balanced. It's beautiful. But on the opposite of that is masculinity. Masculinity is being a man, going for what you want, calling people on their bullshit including yourself, having that mission in your life more important than everyone and everything including yourself, being a leader. Have the willingness to emote, being an adventurer, realizing that this is what a man is.

It's not someone who's abusive to people. It's not someone who's violent to people, but it's somebody that does not allow the world to tell them who to be and what to be because it's what social conditions says is the polite thing to do right now. It's a polite thing to do yet more women are in therapy now than any time in history, oftentimes about their romantic relationships talking about how it's not working. If this whole thing about feminizing ourselves and depolarizing ourselves was correct and that's how oftentimes we're told in social media and fake news how it be, then there'd be less problems in relationships, there would be less women in therapy. Yet there's more women in therapy and there's more problems in relationship now than ever before.

There's masculinity, there's femininity. As a man we have both of these. As a woman you have both of these. However, if you try to be everything to everyone all the time, you lose out big time. So if you're a man, be polarized and embark, embrace your masculinity and the people, the women you attract in your life will be the opposite, polar opposite which will be femininity. The ones that don't like you or don't understand, they probably have too much masculinity, to which case it won't work. Attract your opposite. That's how relationships work. Attracting your opposite, your opposite energy. Yeah, you may have commonalities, you may enjoy the same Netflix shows, you may train together sometimes but at a fundamental biological level, you are different.

Men and women are not equal. Yeah, I said it. Men and women are not equal. Now I'm not saying a man or a woman is better. What I'm saying is we're not equal. As energies in relationships, we're not equal. Only in what society tells us is the polite thing, what social media and fake news tells us, we're all equal. We're not. We're not all equal. Women have a particular set of skills that I will never have as a man because I'm not a woman. Men have a particular set of skills. No matter what a woman does she will never have that exact same set of skills because she's not a man and it's okay. We have our strengths. And guess what? When we come together we become more.

Now you might be saying, "Well, what about if I'm gay?" That's absolutely okay as well. Oftentimes, in gay or lesbian relationships, oftentimes same sex relationships there'll be somebody in that relationship whether it be two women or two men that will have more masculine energy. Their partner will have the opposite, more feminine energy. So it works out that way. It's not necessarily gender specific. There have been times in...I'm aware of guys that have been very...had a very, very strong feminine polarity and their partner who was female had a very strong masculine polarity and it worked and the way it...even though they were polar opposites in the different area of the polarity, it kind of worked. It kind of worked. However, that's not the kind of man that I am and that is in the minority, should we say. And it's okay if you are that way.

But the moral of the story is this. If you're a man and you're listening to this, be a fucking man. Realize you can be a man and the women will want you, desire you, that will love you, that will want you in their life, will crave for you. Do not be beige. Be black, be white, be polarizing, stand for something. If a man does not stand for something, he will fall for anything. So stand for something. Have a mission that's more important than you, your woman, your kids, more than everything. Be a leader, be a doer. Do stuff. Don't just think about it. Don't just mentally masturbate over your caramel vanilla latte in Starbucks. Do something. Cash your chips in one day. Put all your chips into the middle of the table, so to speak, and roll the dice. Protect loved ones and go for freedom.

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Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard CHT
Clinical Hypnotist

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