"Toxic Poison!"

HypnoPunk here.

Sometimes your life is
on course, it's on point.

Your relationships are going well,

your friendships are going well,

your career is going well,

your health and fitness are going well.

You're getting every work-out in,

every nutritious meal,

you're going on successful dates,

you're closing successful leads,

so everything's going well.

And then one day, there's a mishap.

You miss a work-out,
you miss a clean meal,

you go on the wrong kind of date,

the wrong kind of investment.

And suddenly, a couple
of drops of toxicity,

and missed opportunities

starting to spread in that

whole environment of you and your mind.

Essentially, turning it
into a toxic wasteland.

Everywhere it starts to become affected

by that toxic green, like the green witch

from the Wizard of Oz.

And when it gets to that
point, it's too late,

the only opportunity you have to clear it

is to reach into that plug hole,

let all that green ooze go down your sink

so you can go back to normal, reset.

Always Believe,


Clinical Hypnotist

Lukenosis Hypnosis

Toronto and Ottawa

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