Online Vs In Person Hypnosis Sessions

Online Vs In Person Hypnosis Sessions

Luke Michael Howard, clinical hypnotist and

owner of Lukenosis Hypnosis here. And I thought

make a video about the difference between doing

online hypnosis over a platform like Zoom versus

in person hypnosis. Now I've been hypnotist

for close to 25 years now, and for about the 1st

20 to 22 years it was all in person, right? And

then, even before pandemics, for about four

years ago, about 75% of my clients were outside

of Toronto where I live. They were either in

England or Australia or America, and it was

a bit expensive, quite frankly, to fly over

for a session. So I started to do more stuff online.

And then pandemic hit. And then everything transitioned to online.

So people like, well, Luke, don't I need to do

this hypnosis thing in person? Doesn't it only

work when, when when I'm there in person? Isn't

it really important that we're in the same room

together for hypnosis? The answer is no, quite

frankly, because this is not massage. I don't

need to touch you. The hypnotist doesn't need

to touch you. And quite frankly, if the hypnotist

is touching you, it's a bit weird. All Right. And

the thing that we're changing together is inside your mind.

OK. So it doesn't matter if we're five feet apart

or we're 5000 miles apart. And there's a thing

called the Atlantic Ocean between us. The thing

we're changing is in your mind. So as long as

you have your mind, hypnosis can and will be successful.

A drawback of doing it in person is a couple of

things, quite frankly, #1. You're going to

an office, an environment that certainly for

the first time you haven't been before, so you

might be a bit uncomfortable. So it may take

some time if you're doing in person, especially

certainly for a first session to get you to be

comfortable in a new environment

and in a room with with a man you've never worked

with, quite frankly, and your eyes are going

to be closed, so. Whether you feel trust between

you and I, or you and the hypnotist or not, consciously,

unconsciously closing your eyes in a new environment,

in a new room, with something you're not comfortable with.

All right, so that's one of the drawbacks. The

second one is, I don't know if you're a bit like me.

But whenever I've got meetings to go somewhere

and it's just a pain in the butt, to be honest,

you got to travel there, you've got a park, you've

got to wait in the waiting room. And it's all

time that I'd rather be investing, doing something more valuable.

I'm not talking about the hypnosis, not being

valuable but I mean traveling there, sitting

in a waiting office and all of that business,

all right? So that's that's another drawback as well.

Looking for where to park, that's another drawback as well.

It all takes time traveling back and forth.

So those are some of the drawbacks of doing it in person.

Some of the very big positives about doing it

online is you're in your own home, most likely.

Some of my clients are in their office. Quite

a few this week, surprisingly, are in their car.

And it still works. They're not driving, all right.

The car is stopped. They should say that, but

they're in a comfortable, safe place. But when

you're in an environment that you're comfortable

with, and for example, would just say home,

as most of the clients I work with are, you know,

your couch, right? You know? Your environment.

You're comfortable in that environment. You

control that environment. So a lot of our work

is already done. We don't need to waste time

about getting you comfortable in the environment.

It's your environment. You're going to be comfortable in it.

Secondly, you can feel safe to close your eyes

because you're there alone. You're not in the

presence of a stranger. Although I do hope we

become friends. On some level after that, but

you can feel comfortable closing your eyes

because it's just you there. And like I said,

you can control that environment. Here's another

thing, here's another big thing that I've noticed

is often times when clients would come to my office.

And I did have three. I had one in Toronto where

I now live, one in Ottawa where I used to live, and

one in Las Vegas that used to frequent rather

often, Okay. Oftentimes, as strange as this

sounds, my clients would forget to bring their

problem to the office. Here's an example. The

person who overeight wasn't going to overeat

in front of Maine in the office. The client that

was into porn and they're addicted to sex, hopefully,

and they didn't weren't going to have sex or

watch porn in front of me in the office. The client

that was doing heroin, the client that was doing

coke, the client was doing crack. The client

that was having an anxiety attack, the client

was having a depressive episode. Typically

they weren't going to do these things on call

in front of me in my office. So the person who

showed up to my office, although it looked like

the client, and it sounded like the client,

and they had the same name, same thumbprint,

same National Insurance number or a social

insurance number and it wasn't quite them.

And what I mean by that is they forgot to bring

their problem. They weren't really going to

have the problem in my office. So we could do

all this beautiful change in the office, and

it would work most of the time. But sometimes,

sometimes it gets linked. The change gets linked

to the office, into the environment, and clients

would forget to change it. They'd be great in

my office, but they're already great in my office,

but wouldn't necessarily be great outside.

However, when I work with clients inside their

environment most likely be in their home, potentially

at work, maybe at the cottage, even in their

car when they're not driving. As mentioned,

these are the environments where their problem is alive.

These are the environments where the problem

is triggered, where the problem is activated

all right when they're at home, all those triggers there.

Overeating. Overindulging. Over anxiety

and over chronic pain. Over medicating on some

kind of illicit substance. Over traumatizing.

This is where the problem is alive. So going

to the source of the problem, I.e in their home

and collapsing it, I E doing the change Work

The hypnosis in that environment, lets it become sticky.

The change becomes sticky. Stick to that

where the problem is most lit up. To use some

neuroscience in their neurology and thus could

help to collapse it in all areas of their life.

Because the thing in neuroscience is, in order

for something to be changed in your mind, it

needs to be activated. An example of this is

if you feel anxiety and you're just talking

about anxiety just logically like words with

this, but you're not feeling it, the likelihood

of any change happening at a neurological level,

brain plasticity level is very very low. Very, very low.

Indeed. However, when clients are hypervent,

like when clients are in an episode of Jonesing

in for their drug or anxiety for the thing, or

they're feeling that chronic pain, the neurology

in their brain, in their body is lit up. When

it's lit up, that's when we can start to make the shift.

And one of the best places to do that is when you're

already in your home, because all the triggers

are there anyways. So that's some of the benefits

of working with me online. And why now? Even

though the world has opened up again, I only

I only work with people online. I still potentially

could have offices out there and work with people

and charge them even more money to work one-on-one in person.

But I don't want to do it. I don't want to do it

because it's less effective. It's less effective.

I want to be the most effective agent of change

I can be for you, and I found the best way of doing

that is to collapse it in the environment where

it's alive, I.E your home. So those are the answers

and those are the reasons that I only do online

hypnosis and quite frankly why it is tremendously

successful and more success with clients and

shifting and changing over the COVID over

last four or so years than ever before. And I

was already successful and that's one of my

rationales behind it is. Again, we're destroying

the problem from the inside as opposed to being

in an office and looking at the problem on the

outside and wanting to shift it The best way

is almost like a Navy SEAL, OK? Don't know if

you know much about the Navy SEALS

The part, the arm of the American military that

essentially are underwater demolition experts.

What they need to do is they need to go under the water.

Need to go into the building, need to blow up

and plant a bunch of bombs, Centex land mines,

what have you to collapse the bombs. They don't

tend to be shooting bazookas or throwing hand grenades

at it and hoping it will explode. No, no, they're

putting the explosives in the environment

to collapse it. Working online helps to put the

Charges that we need in the environment to light

up the neurology so we can collapse your problem

once and for so you don't just feel good in my

office and then you leave and you don't feel

so good anymore. No, no, you feel good because

you're in your environment, you're in your

home, you're in your natural habitat, and we've

collapsed the monster or the building. That

is your problem from the inside out. So that's

why online hypnosis rules, and that's why I

only do that. Hope that answers some of your

questions, because I get that often. If you're

interested in receiving some hypnosis, some

help with me, You'll likely find a link either

above me or below me. It's free right now. Won't be forever.

Click on the link, book your screening call

and we can have a chat and I can see how I can help you.

Help yourself. I've been Luke Michael Howard

Clinical Hypnosis. Owner of Lukenosis Hypnosis


Always Believe,

Luke xXx



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