Put You Problems Into The Hypnotic Swimming 🏊‍♀️ Pool

Put You Problems Into The Hypnotic Swimming 🏊‍♀️ Pool

It's spring you know what that means hello i'm luke michael howard a clinical hypnotist and owner of Lukenosis hypnosis here on a hawaiian huna training here in Spain and as i was walking around the hotel i noticed this interesting pool.

I call it the hypnotic pool the hypnotic swimming pool if you will so i wondered right now if there was anything that you really wanted to get rid of perhaps like a negative emotion like fear anger sadness guilt or shame you had a limiting decision something like i'm not good enough or i'll never make that amount of money or i'll never attract that type of person in my life what if there's something like that that you have in your life that you want to get rid of if you want to get rid of that i can help you right now.

If you can get in touch with that limiting belief or that negative emotion that i gave you some examples just a moment get in touch with it almost imagine as if it was like a christmas tree and the lights were plugged in so really get that neurology alive and awake right now get in touch with that feeling if it's negative emotion or the emotion behind the limit decision and as you start to get in touch with that and that feeling now.

I wonder i wonder if you can just imagine taking that belief taking that negative emotion and as that camera starts to raise up higher and higher into the hypnotic swimming pool you can just drop whatever that negative emotion whatever that limiting belief is into that pool that hypnotic pool and just let it drop all the way down into that pool and let it be gone into that pool and if there's any left over of that negative emotion that limiting decision you can just drop it into the hypnotic pool it will be sucked down and disappear and all the limitations and negativity around it will disappear now and once you've dropped it there you can come back.

And you can look at me and you can realize you can use this process whenever you have a negative emotion the limited belief or limited decision you just want to get rid of you can do that by dropping into the hypnotic pool

Always Believe,

Luke xXx





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